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Evidential, Compassionate, Modern Mediumship.


Hi, I'm Hannah,

I am a medium, Mediumship Matters Podcast host, best selling author & spiritual teacher. My passion is working for the Spirit World, bringing messages of love & hope from the other side. I have worked with Spirit for over a decade, and am all about great evidence, great messages, but most importantly - giving you a moment with your loved ones/guides to help you move forward knowing that they are with you as you live your life in this physical realm.

My journey with Spirit has been so profound and life changing, and I'm dedicated to bringing this positivity into as many lives as possible. 

My mission is now to help others uncover their gifts, to be able to access the support and unconditional love of the universe, to find their voice, to free themselves of ties that hold them back and to heal. I absolutely believe that connection to the Spirit World is an ability that lies within all of us, not just the chosen few.

I'm the host of the international top ten spiritual podcast Mediumship Matters. You can listen to episodes here.

I've taught hundreds of students spiritual development & reiki, with workshops, courses and mentorship. It brings me so much joy to see the change it makes once you know you're not doing this alone, and that your guides, helpers & ancestors are with you every day.

I think it's important to understand that Spirit doesn't want you to twist into a pretzel shape and OHM all day (although, if you want to, by all means....!) but to connect more regularly, using the information you uncover to inspire and motivate you, to bring a feeling of safety and comfort, enabling you to live this human life in a more confident, free, enjoyable way.

My teaching style is very relaxed and informal, I'm quite animated and full of energy (and the occasional swear word) and I want everyone to leave my company feeling more in control, hopeful and energised.

I demonstrate in lots of venues and spaces, click here to find out where you can join in. If you're interested in one of my incredible, transformational in person courses you can find out more here.

I look forward to working with you,

Hannah x

Hannah Macintyre Evidential Medium

Canterbury, Kent, UK

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