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Learn with International Medium Hannah Macintyre

Hello, I'm Hannah,

I didn't know I was a medium, and discovering my abilities transformed my life, and now I'm here to guide you through your own journey. Over the past decade, I've evolved into an internationally recognized platform medium and teacher, hosting a top 10 spiritual podcast with listeners spanning 52 countries around the world.

My commitment lies in delivering easy-to-understand, practical teachings with honesty and clarity. I'm passionate about helping my students build confidence in their natural connections and trust their innate abilities.

With a track record of instructing hundreds of students, ranging from beginners without any prior connection to seasoned professionals seeking to refine their style and deepen their connections, I am confident you'll find the right course to embark on your exploration into the world beyond our physical senses!

Click below to find out more and start your journey - Spirit are as excited to work with you, as you are to work with them!

Hannah x

 I host a monthly free live spirit circle. Obviously this is very popular, to be first in the know when new spaces open please join my mailing list here

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